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Founded in 1993 and at this stage

SAY VANA, which continues its activities with its 10000 m2 open and 4300 m2 closed factory area in Konya Organized Industrial Zone, has reached an important point in the product and system quality with the result of the high technology used in production.Within R&D investments,inclusive of rising trend in domestic and foreign markets without compromising quality, it continues to grow and develop without slowing down.40% of production is carried out on external market and 60% on domestic market.

The main subject of production is to provide products such as, butterfly valve, actuator butterfly valve, disassembly part, check valves, single and double ball valve, ground and surface fire hydrant, elastomer bearing sliding valve design F4 narrow and F5 wide type from DN 600 SAY VANA, has adopted the principle of customer satisfaction with after sales service.

SAY VANA, which adopts the principle of technology and R & D oriented working system in the way of unlimited customer satisfaction in the framework of total quality managament understanding has certified its quality with ISO 9001:2000 ans TSE certification SAY VANA continues its growth in the framework of its customer-oriented production approach and continues its process as a respected institution that is trusted in the sector with its young and educated staff.

Hoping the reach bigger succes all together;


Ergonomic Design

The first priority for Sayvana products is innovative and ergonomic design.

Eco Production

Sayvana carries out operations that nature-friendly in all production periods, from A to Z.

Proper Expense

We have adopted the principle of providing cost-effective services.